Brown Hill Farm
Jack Russell Terriers and Jack Rats, Deer Hunting Shooting Houses, Arbors, Watermelons, Cantaloupes and other construction projects.
Jack Russell Litters Call Randy @ 601 770 0239
Jack Russell and Jack Rat Litters
About Us - Driving Directions
Info on who we are and how to find us
Contact Info
Contains Contact Info
Deer Hunting Shooting Houses
Quality construction ready to hunt out of.
Custom designed shooting houses.
Deer Hunting Shooting Houses . (Custom built)
Shooting House Windows for sale
Shooting house windows can be installed in minutes.
Play House.
Play House and Swing Sets
Reclaimed Materials
Barn wood, rusty tin
Watermelons and Cantaloupes
Melons grown for taste.
Brown Hill Farm You Pick "It's like picking in your own garden"
It's like picking in your own garden.
Chicken Tractor
Quality Construction

Brown Hill Farm You Pick "It's like picking in your own garden"

Closed till fall

Open sunup till sundown  every day but Sunday AM.


We will be closing soon.

Satisfaction guaranteed 

Keep in mind we have a small operation, thank you for your consideration.

Self Serve-

We have a self serve you pick facility. The honor box is located in the picking shed.  Use my containers or yours, pick your produce or flowers and place in paper bags provided. Cash or check. Thank you for your honesty. Instructions are posted in the picking shed.

 Open sunup to sundown Closed Sunday Am

If not satisfied with any produce for any reason please help yourself to another.


Zinnias-           3/ $1.00 1 dz/ $4.00 clippers and cups are provided. 
Sunflower-       $1.00 each small sunflowers .50 each
sweet corn       3/ $1.00 1 dz/ $4.00
Other produce-  Small basket $4.00
                          Large basket $6.00
                          Buckets         $11.00

Tomatoes-        Small basket   $5.00
                         Large basket  $6.00
                         Bucket.           $12.00
Sorry for the price increase On tomatoes.

We are a small operation providing quality produce at a reasonable price, with about 3 1/2 acres of produce and 4 acres watermelon and cantaloupe.  Feel free to mix and match with the exception of flowers, onions, and corn. 

Your health is important so we provide produce as near chemical free as possible. We follow all chemical labels and spray only when absolutely necessary.  

Produce with a message.

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