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Deer Hunting Shooting Houses

Available- 1 4x4 on 4' stand and skids @ $565.00, 1 4x6 on 4' legs and skids @ $710.00 601-770-0239.

Our hunting houses are made of quality construction and ready to stand up on your hunting plot.

Specifications include: 
Galvalume tin, 3 sliding plexiglass shooting windows, 1/2" OSB plywood,  foam insulation in ceiling and corners, primed and painted camo, with treated legs and a ladder.. 

Estimated setup time on your property for stands with 8' legs is 1 hour. All you have to do is stand it up, dig 4 holes, level, pour in quikrete or secure with treated stobs and you are ready to hunt. Stands with skids can be setup in a matter of minutes. 

Stand up one day and hunt the next.

Randy Brown    

Web Site         

Cell 601 770 0239

Price List:  updated July 2015

#1           4'x4' box with 1' treated legs                    $375.00                                                

#2           4'x4' with 8' treated legs                           $545.00

#3           4'x4' on 4' treated legs and 4"x6" skids    $565.00

# 4          4'x5’on 8'  treated legs                              $625.00

#5           4’x6’box on 1’ treated legs                        $500.00

#6           4’x6’on 8’ treated legs                               $670.00

#7           4'x6'on 4’ treated legs and 4'x6' skids      $710.00

#8           4’x6’on 8’ treated legs, right or left hand
               bow door with 3 windows                          $750.00

For treated plywood add $125.00

Set up and delivery and custom orders are available. I will design and build for easy access for handicapped or elderly.  Call for price quotes.

Demo model may be seen at my farm or at Agricola Hardware on Hwy 613S downtown Agricola. 

For more info or place an order call Randy @ 601-770-0239

Shooting house on skids may be the way you want to go. Easy to load and easy to move. If you want to be taller jusk ask I can make it any height you want or you can simply pick up each end and place it on some concrete blocks. 

Windows are made from 1/8" plexi glass that slide on a rail. The front windows slide both ways and the slides are single windows.

Window specifications are:
4'x4' front 10"x22", sides 10"x10"
4'x5' and 4'x6' front 10"x34", sides 10"x10"
I will be happy to adjust sizes, call for pricing

New pocket windows for those who need a larger view. They slide up onto a pocket. Call for pricing.

Handicap accesible stairs.

Shooting houses on skids come in most any size. Call for pricing. 4x5x4 on skids. $635.00

Bow Hunters Special

4'x6' on 8' treated stand, comes with 3 sliding plexiglass windows and can be used for gun or bow hunting.  There is plenty of room to sit and draw back your bow and be well hid and out of the elements.  This is a very nice shooting house.

Can load all orders on your trailer.

Easy to stand up even without a tractor.  Just walk it to the back of the trailer with 4x4's moving a 4x4 to the back increasing the angle until it gets to about 30 degrees. Then with  three people push it up, dig the holes and place quick create in each hole. The total procedure should take about 1 hour.

Check Out My Shooting House

I recommend shooting houses on skids. Mine is a 4x4 on skids. I have a office chair with adjustible height and a swivel seat. It is perfect for leaning back and relaxing for a good days hunt. I can lean back in one corner and prop my feet in the other corner read a deer huniting magazine and with a nod of my head I can check to see how many deer are in my patch. If I get ready to move it I hook it to the 4 wheeler or tractor and take off. If you have any ideas and would like a price on a special order give me a call.

Call to place your order for the 2015/2016 season. 601 770 0239

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